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Mr David Evans B. Ed. (Hons)
3 years full-time actors training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

Research Fellow

Half of David's hours are devoted to developing and evaluation the APAUSE "DISC Course". This is a Drama-based Intervention for Successful Communication and uses Year 11 drama student to deliver three sessions on negotiation skills to year 10 students. 
The three sessions break down as follows: 
Session 1 "Building a relationship"
Session 2 "Taking things a bit further"
Session 3 "Safer sex and getting help"

The other half of David's hours are spent training the peers and adults delivering the APAUSE program in different parts of the country, updating the peers scripts and the peer training manual and contributing to the process of overall team development.
Mr Neil Rice MSc BSc (Hons) Neil is responsible for managing the flow of APAUSE data. This involves the coding and statistical analysis of questionnaire data from schools along with the production of reports for participating schools. He joined the APAUSE team in August 2003 after gaining a BSc in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Bath and then an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Bristol in 2001.
Dr. John Tripp BSc, MD, FRCP, FRCPCH
Tel: +44 (01392) 403146 Fax No: 01392 403158 Email:
Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Child Health, University of Exeter
Consultant Paediatrician of the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust.

John graduated in Medicine at Guy's, London and received of his post-graduate experience in Paediatrics during 8 years associated with the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, and the Institute of Child Health. This training as a biochemicaly oriented specialist in diseases of the gastrointestinal system in children has led to his special interest in other conditions where gastrointestinal and diet are important. John inherited a very significant caseload of children with disability from his predecessor, Professor Brumbecombe, which led to responsibility for the development of Physical Disability Services based in Exeter at three superb institutions namely Honeylands Children's Centre for pre-school children, Vranch House, a schooling centre for primary school children and Dame Hannah Rogers school at Ivybridge for secondary and further education. In all of these areas of long term illness, support for adolescents has resulted in a study with unstoppable momentum towards John specialising in adolescent medicine and interests in the ethics of medical and clinical research begun almost by accident but which he has found to be a rewarding and exciting field.

Professional Bodies
Royal College of Physicians
Member of the Committee for Ethical Issues in Medicine
RCPCH ~ Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Council Member for South West 1998 - 2001/Chairman Intercollegiate Working Group on Adolescent Medicine. Ethics Committee
Main Area of Research
Teenage Sexuality and Promotion of successful long term intimate relationships. 
Other research interests
Effects of family breakdown on children
Promotion of long term adult parenting relationships
Vitamin K deficiency bleeding of the newborn
Confidential enquiries into perinatal and early childhood deaths with links adopted implemented
Non-work related Interests
Active member of a local church
Farming, sailing, holidays and eating with friends
Gardening - a rewarding discipline.
Monica Cockett is a Senior Research Fellow who has worked in the department since 1984. She was involved in the studies of the needs of disabled young adults and in the follow up studies of people with head injury. More recently she led the Exeter Family Study, a landmark national study of the needs of children after parental separation. She is a member of the board of the UK College of Family Mediators, training and supervising practitioners in the South West and nationally for both the College and The Solicitors Family Law Association. Together with Dr Ron Smith she is developing two modules for the MSc in Health Care.
Dr. Mohammed Amooie provides IT support for the whole of the Department. He is an expert in devising "user friendly" programmes for clinicians and others, tailoring software to individual requirements Examples of his work include complete systems for hospital and community audiology, clinical genetics and neonatal intensive care.
Mr John Rees Cert Ed B Ed (Hons)
Tel: +44 (01392) 403146 / 54 / 48 / 49 Fax No: 01392 403158 Email:
APAUSE Programme Manager
John is responsible for developing all aspects of the APAUSE programme, but his particular responsibility is for co-ordinating the liaison work with the different health and education authorities in different parts of the country who are running the programme.

John's professional background is in teaching. He taught in a comprehensive at Exeter from 1982 to 1995. He originally trained for physical education and special educational needs, but was eventually responsible for PSHE through the school and was Head of Upper School. His professional specialism has, over the last six years, become sex and relationships education within the personal, social, health education and citizenship framework.

Fiona Macbeth
Tel: +44 (01392) 403146 Fax No: 01392 403158 Email:
  Co-ordinator of the RAP project
The RAP Project is an offshoot of the APAUSE programme. RAP (Respect And Protect) has been set up to address the particular needs of young people who have been excluded from school. The project is working towards the creation of an interactive programme which explores sex and relationships in the lives of these young people. The programme also uses peer educators who are likely to be young people who have had similar experiences with education. RAP was set up in September 2001 and is currently developing and running 6 x 1½ hr sessions in Pupil Referral Units (PRU's). We are negotiating the comissioning of a further 12 x 1½ hr sessions.

Fiona has worked for the last 12 years for the London-based LEAP Confronting Conflict, a training organisation for young people and those who work with them. In her capacity as a project worker and facilitator she ran training courses and workshops with young people at risk or in trouble, exploring creative conflict resolution and alternatives to violence. She also teaches on the Applied Drama undergraduate and Masters courses in the Drama Department in the University of Exeter.

APAUSE Admin Team
Tel: +44 (01392) 403146 Fax No: 01392 403158 Email:

The APAUSE Admin Team administrate and monitor according to the programme, the work of the APAUSE service throughout all its contractual areas with the central function of maintaining the day to day routines, protocols and lines of communication both within and between the team and outside agencies and all secretarial duties. The team are also responsible for the monitoring of contractual arrangements including: costings, incomes, payments etc. Managing all classroom support/training including: updating existing materials;maintaining accessibility; ensuring delivery and recovery to and from schools and training venues. Co-ordinating audit cycles including: training, matching of staff, administration of questionnaire, design and printing.

The team also has responsibility for organising, printing, and the distribution of all materials for the school APAUSE sessions and training. Deals with all incoming materials and the receiving of questionnaires etc. These must be carefully logged in and stored as this is part of the evaluation process.

Catherine Kay BSc, MSc, RGN

APAUSE Research Fellow

I work as one of a team of researchers with the APAUSE programme. Originally employed under Wellcome funding to evaluate the 'roll-out' of the programme from research to service mode, I now work mostly as a researcher and co-ordinator for the United Kingdom Family Planning Research Network - a group of Family Planning doctors who are interested in reproductive health research. Current research with this group involves an audit of the contraceptive implant.

Other interests are Health Promotion and I have recently completed a piece of work investigating school nurse drop-in clinics for Croydon PCT and am about to undertake an evaluation into smoking behaviour in 12/13 year olds for Exeter PCT.

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